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Upgrade of Winterthur station (FDRI / Zurich S-Bahn – 4th phase of expansion)

Services Civil Engineering Reference projects
Upgrade of Winterthur station (FDRI / Zurich S-Bahn – 4th phase of expansion)

Project Description

Local and long-distance rail capacity in the Winterthur area will be expanded from December 2018 thanks to the FDRI (Future Development of Railway Infrastructure) concept and the fourth phase of expansion to the Zurich S-Bahn system.

Extensive infrastructure work is required in order for this expanded timetable to run according to plan. The platforms have to be adapted to the rolling stock used in future, as well as increased passenger numbers and new regulations. This new infrastructure ensures the network is able to cope with the increased traffic from December 2018 as a result of the FDRI concept and fourth phase of expansion.

Special Features of the Project

The project encompasses:

  • • Upgrades to access and transition areas at the Effretikon side of the station, leading to significantly quicker transfer between tracks and routes, parallel routes and appropriate signalling measures
  • • Changes to platform facilities on tracks 1 and 2, including extension of the two tracks
  • • Improvements to the platform facilities (404 m long-distance trains, raising and widening end sections, platform furniture)
  • • Changes to sidings for local routes
  • • Extension and renovation of platform roofs on the north side
  • • Replacement and upgrade of points
  • • Demolition of the Milchküche building
  • • Renovation of cycle/pedestrian paths through the Wülflingerstrasse underpass
  • • Adjustments to signalling and sidings
  • • Adjustment and renewal of track drainage and catenary line system


The entire new station complex will be renovated and expanded in various phases between 2016 and 2018. The railway will remain fully operational throughout this period.

The station’s public areas and access to trains must remain accessible at all times. Much of the work, including installation of utility lines in the platform areas and the construction of signal and pylon foundations, can only be carried out at night.

Larger areas of the platforms will be completely closed on selected weekends and public holidays to allow for uninterrupted building work to be carried out.

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