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Upgrade of the Breite Wallisellen underpass

Services Civil Engineering Reference projects
Upgrade of the Breite Wallisellen underpass

Project Description

A new cycle and pedestrian underpass is taking shape in the area around the junction between Neugutstrasse and Breitestrasse, along with changes to Neugutstrasse in the direction of the Hofstrasse/Neugutstrasse junction.

The new underpass secures the link between Neugutstrasse and Geerenstrasse and, in so doing, the Richti site under the existing SBB (Swiss National Railways) railway line. The cycle path and footpath pass underneath the SBB lines running between Wallisellen and Effretikon/Dübendorf. It allows a separation of car and pedestrian/cycle traffic on Neugutstrasse between the junctions with Breitestrasse and Hofstrasse.

Special Features of the Project

  • • Lifting of both pavements on Neugutstrasse for reasons of geometry, and moving the pedestrian access to the Breite underpass.
  • • Addition of a second lane from Breitestrasse to the Hofstrasse/Neugutstrasse junction.
  • • Various preparatory works including moving utility lines (gas, water, electricity, Swisscom) and sewerage pipes.
  • • Construction of retaining walls.
  • • Renewal of the underpass structure as an extension of the planned site.
  • • Installation of the underpass structure during a total shutdown of SBB traffic at Easter 2017.
  • • Completion of the underpass structure to the north and south of the tracks.
  • • Upgrade of the access stairs and the north ramp.
  • • Upgrade of the south ramp.
  • • Surface repairs in the vicinity of the newly constructed access points.
  • • Staggered lowering of Neugutstrasse, including necessary adjustments to drainage systems.

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