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Renovation of the Bahnhofplatz Bern
Renovation of the Bahnhofplatz Bern
Project Description

During renovation of the Bahnhofplatz in Berne between 2005 and 2008, the following work was performed: road renewal, renovation of the public transport road and track infrastructure, complete renovation of the underground ewb (Energy Water Berne) supply lines (water, gas, electricity), public lighting, greening and general maintenance of the surrounding area, adjustment work on the buildings at Hirschengraben, Bubenbergplatz, Bahnhofplatz and Spitalgasse. Conversion and repair of the Christoffel underpass was made possible by the new construction of the second basement floor. The main work was performed during a period when traffic was closed off. To ensure the avoidance of logistical bottlenecks, the road construction work was vigorously pushed ahead with in the area around Bubenbergplatz and Bahnhofplatz Nord. This then allowed the track work along the cross-city tram route, including the associated road construction work, to be carried out.

Walo Bertschinger AG

Giessenstrasse 5
Postfach, 8953 Dietikon 1

+41 44 745 23 11

2005 – 2008

Tiefbauamt Bern

ewb Bern

Liegenschaftsverwaltung der Stadt Bern

Stadtbauten Bern



TU Neuer Bahnhofplatz Bern

Walo Bertschinger AG (FF, TU-Leitung, TL)

Ramseier AG Stucki AG

Wirz AG (KL)

Furrer+Frey AG

55 Mio. CHF

30’000 m2 Road construction, incl. plant management
ca. 2’000 m Trackwork engineering
ca. 2’500 m2 Steel-glass roof
ca. 7’000 m2 HNF Building equipment
8’000 m2 Concrete rehabilitation


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Walo Bertschinger AG

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8953 Dietikon

Tel. +41 44 444 31 11


Concept / Design / Implementation

Die Gestalter AG, St.Gallen

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