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Neuwiesen Shopping Centre, Winterthur

Services Flooring systemsConcrete Surfaces Reference projects
Neuwiesen Shopping Centre, Winterthur

Project Description

The renovation of the Neuwiesen shopping centre building in Winterthur, originally built in 1982, will be complete in autumn 2019. The newly constructed top floor was completed in August 2018, allowing the new MIGROS supermarket, Do it + Garden, the restaurant and other shops to already open for business in the new environment.
While the durable HYPANOL® D synthetic resin covering proves its versatility in the restaurant, the Do it + Garden and the bakery and pastry shop, the aesthetically appealing SURFATEX® terrazzo was used in the shopping centre and the upper MIGROS supermarket in two different colours and stone compositions

Special Features of the Project

Due to the high demands toward the flooring of the heavily frequented shopping centre, a pressure-distributing plate made from DURATEX® hard concrete reinforced with steel fibres needed to be installed beneath some parts of the covering.

The WALO-Team was able to prove their highly specialized technical expertise as well as their experience in logistics within this project. The requirements included a high degree of precision during the installation of the flooring due to the thin layers of the floating floor covering as well as maximum flexibility in logistics because of the central location of the shopping mall.

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December 2017 – August 2018

MIGROS Cooperative East Switzerland

MIGROS Cooperative East Switzerland
Construction Management

2‘900‘000 CHF

SURFATEX® – Terrazzo 6‘700 m2
DURATEX® – Concrete 3‘650 m2
HAYPANOL® – Synthetic resin flooring 1‘350 m2

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