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National Museum Zurich

Services Concrete SurfacesFlooring systems Reference projects
National Museum Zurich

Project Description

The ideal flooring for once-in-a-century constructions

As part of the extension to the National Museum Zurich, the old building was renovated and expanded.

Walo Bertschinger AG was entrusted with some of the surfacing work. The two-layer SURFATEX® terrazzo flooring system, which was installed after being chosen by the planners for the forecourt, is just as diverse as the history and culture of Switzerland. This seamless, honed floor covering fulfils both the demanding aesthetic and technical requirements and has proved itself over thousands of years. An eminently suitable choice, as this is a natural material, which impresses with its durability as well as its vibrancy and elegance.

In the building’s interior, our SURFATEX® solution supplements the existing historic terrazzo surface.

As part of a simpler material language, a high-quality DURATEX® hard concrete surface was installed on the basement floor.

A newly developed, expressive mastic asphalt called “Feldweg” was chosen for the outside areas. A new formulation was developed for the solution, which now surrounds the water feature and green areas.

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2016 – 2018

Schweizerische Eidgenossenschaft,

vertreten durch das Bundesamt für

Bauten und Logistik (BBL)

Schnetzer Puskas Ingenieure, Basel /

Proplaning Bauingenieure, Basel

ARGE Generalplaner SLM,

Proplaning, Basel /

Christ & Gantenbein, Basel

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