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LIPO Park Schaffhausen, Switzerland

Services Sports & Leisure Surfaces Reference projects
LIPO Park Schaffhausen, Switzerland

Project Description


After a construction time of around 18 months, the football stadium of FC Schaffhausen was opened in February 2017. With a total of 8,000 seats, a modern stadium has been built that is fit for the Swiss Super League. The structure is multifaceted, with a part designated for commercial use and a multi-purpose artificial turf System.

Special Features of the Project

However, the special feature of the artificial turf system, which boasts the latest revolutionary fibre technology, is found underneath the synthetic turf – underground heating.

More than 150 kilometres of rubber piping have been loosely laid over the 8,214 square metre base layer of porous asphalt and then elaborately and carefully covered on site with an elastic layer.

This is a first for an artificial surface in Switzerland. This means that matches will not be called off due to a covering of snow – the pitch can be used without restriction.


The state-of-the-art fibre technology, which is literally integrated in the surface, should also not be forgotten.

A hard fibre core ensures great endurance, while the soft shell performs a protective and also skin-friendly function.

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September 2015 – February 2017


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Fontana Invest

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Methabau Plan AG

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360’000 CHF

115,000 kg of rubber-granulate and bonding agent for the elastic layer

8,214 square metres of synthetic turf

1,055 million fibres

180,000 kg of quartz sand as a ballast layer

60,000 kg of EPDM rubber-granulate for filling

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