Project Description

The redesign and redevelopment work on one of the most important inner-city traffic junctions in Zurich started on April 25 this year. With six tram and two bus lines, used by around 45,000 people a day, the Central is one of the most highly frequented stops of the Zurich public transport service.

The entire track system, drainage pipes, conduit blocks and paving had to be replaced. In addition, the platform edges of the tram lines 4 and 15 were broadened and lengthened to increase the transport capacity.

Another significant modernisation is the construction of three large waiting hall roofs. Besides providing shelter for the passengers, these will also enhance the appearance of the “Central” as a public place.

Special Features of the Project

To be able to manage these ambitious tasks at all, tram operations were stopped completely for five weeks. Likewise, the foundations of the new tram/bus stop roofs had to be completed within 24 hours.

All in all, this work required two-shift operation in combination with night shifts and weekend shifts for safety, traffic and logistics reasons as well as due to the tight schedule.

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April – October 2017

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© Esther Gossweiler, Perspektrum
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