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BLS – renovation of Zweisimmen station and bridge over Lenkstrasse

Services Civil Engineering Reference projects
BLS – renovation of Zweisimmen station and bridge over Lenkstrasse

Project Description

As part of the ‘TransGoldenPass’ project by Montreux Oberland Bernois Railway (MOB), a direct connection will be created between Montreux and Spiez by installing gauge changing facilities at Zweisimmen station. As part of the required expansion of Zweisimmen station due to the additional standard gauge connection of the MOB platforms, the southern approach to the station also has to be widened via Lenkstrasse, along with other improvements. To achieve this, the easternmost of the two existing railway bridges over Lenkstrasse must be replaced, along with the ‘Gemse’ and ‘Technikräume’ supporting walls.

Special Features of the Project

Logistics posed a major challenge at this site. Limited space meant that the only way to access the area around the ‘Gemse’ supporting wall was via the existing Ostbrücke (East Bridge). This meant that logistics had to be carried out via the railway track, which was closed for the duration of the works. Once the works on the ‘Gemse’ supporting wall were complete, a start was made on widening the abutments and dismantling the Ostbrücke. Meanwhile, the ‘Technikräume’ supporting wall was constructed with its built-in technology room.


Main works completed

  • • Dismantling of railway line (excl. tracks)
  • • Extensive excavation works
  • • Construction of new ‘Gemse’ supporting wall on micropile foundations
  • • Widening of abutment walls
  • • Demolition and rebuild of the Ostbrücke
  • • Construction of new ‘Technikräume’ supporting wall
  • • Extensive utility works
  • • Surfacing works

Particular challenges during bridge demolition

  • • The edge of the bridge is only 75 cm from the working railway infrastructure, including the railway’s main electricity line, which hangs 5 meters above the bridge.
  • • Kantonstrasse running underneath the bridge remained open at all times – full closure was impossible.
  • • An operational BKW substation – with a current of 16,000 volts – is located in the bridge’s abutment area.
  • • During construction, the bridge was connected with the adjoining sections using armature bars. The entire contact surface was also filled with epoxy resin.

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