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AIR Restaurant – Zurich Airport

Services Flooring systems Reference projects
AIR Restaurant – Zurich Airport

Project Description

Unique restaurant experience with
WALO HALTOPEX® rubber-granulate flooring

At the end of 2017, the restaurant located next to the observation deck at Kloten Airport was refurbished, giving rise to the new “AIR” restaurant.
The initial plans were to fit a terrazzo floor; however, this was not possible due to the composition of the subgrade. WALO convinced the client and the architect that the flexibility and versatility of the HALTOPEX® rubber-granulate flooring would make it an ideal choice.
Nevertheless, the surface of the subgrade did pose us a number of special yet solvable problems. As there were different types of subgrades, which were also very uneven, we had to completely pretreat and level out the surface owing to the numerous and complicated layers. Cement and epoxy resin mortar were used to create the levelling layers.

Special Features of the Project

The design of the walkways as multi-coloured taxiways helps to separate them from the different seating and food areas, thus giving visitors the impression of runway line markings. Adding the line markings, which measured approximately 600 m in total, and the prefabricated lettering to the floor required a great deal of skill and technical expertise.
In total, over 900 m2 of HALTOPEX® rubber-granulate flooring was installed in four different colours. The multi-coloured flooring placed high demands on our flooring technicians, who are known for their obsession with detail. One problem that arose in particular during the numerous grinding operations was that we had to make sure that the grinding dust from the light- and dark-coloured floors did not mix and that no residues were left behind. Working together with the various trade operators and the long transportation routes to the airport grounds also represented a logistical challenge. On balance, this project was a masterstroke – “made by WALO”.
The design of the AIR restaurant establishes ties between the contemporary interior architecture and the emotional history of the airport. The development features a bar, a restaurant, a bakery and the terrace. The “aviation feel” in the overall composition between the walls, the floor and the ceiling gives you a sense of wanderlust. The restaurant is definitely worth a visit whenever you are passing through the airport.

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October – December 2017

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HALTOPEX®-HPI Rubber granulate flooring 914m2

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