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In our element beneath the water.

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In our element beneath the water.

In their element beneath the water – this is a particularly fitting description of WALO’s Diving Division. The division is your reliable partner for tasks carried out under challenging conditions. Our clients include power plant operators, factory owners, private individuals, cantons and local authorities. In collaboration with WALO’s hydraulic engineering specialists, our Diving Division is continuously devising solutions for challenging projects.


The division’s wealth of experience and well-coordinated processes are crucial requirements for success, even in the most difficult underwater conditions. The know-how possessed by WALO’s specialists is respected and in high demand. They are experienced in the safe handling of the various elements, particularly when it comes to complex tasks and in unique environments – be it working on turbines in hydraulic power stations, in ice-cold reservoirs or in poor visibility. The division has the perfect equipment at its disposal, ensuring short response times and the utmost level of safety in Switzerland and its bordering regions. In collaboration with the hydraulic engineering specialists and the the ship and pontoon experts, the divers at WALO never fail to deliver the optimal solution. The day-to-day work of the underwater experts also includes smaller tasks, such as inspections, cleaning, repairs and salvages, etc. The division’s cooperation with various WALO Group subsidiaries makes it a reliable and effective partner – both on land and underwater.


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