Trackwork and Rail engineering

Laying the tracks for the future.

Services Trackwork and Rail engineering

Laying the tracks for the future.

Since its beginnings in 1917, WALO has been engaged in the construction of new tracks and the alteration of existing tracks, as well as planning and carrying out rehabilitation projects of all orders of magnitude.



Today the company offers a full range of trackwork services across the entire rail industry – from the Swiss Federal Rail Service (SBB), to private rail tracks and tramlines, and for industrial rail networks. These services include: building, upgrading, rehabilitation and maintenance of ballast tracks, fixed-track systems (concrete tracks) and special tracks (crane tracks), transformer systems or measuring tracks. We also have expertise in civil engineering for rail tracks, track drainage, foundations for overhead lines and signals, embankment and flank reinforcements, and platform construction, as well as providing staff and equipment for hire.

Since 2014, WALO has also been a certified provider of welding services for the Swiss rail network (SBB).

No matter what their area of expertise, the specialists at WALO have many years of experience working on major projects. Our team includes experienced trackwork foremen, trackwork site managers (ScP certified), welders, track assemblers and workers, safety wardens and SBB-certified trackwork machine operators.


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