Surface seals for reservoirs

Construction Work for Generations.

Services Surface seals for reservoirs

Construction Work for Generations.

WALO has played a pioneering role in the field of bituminous asphalt seals for over 75 years with its various services in Switzerland and worldwide. Apart from sealing dams, canals and landfills, reservoirs are also part of our specialist department’s range of services.

Since the layer is relatively thin yet at the same time extremely flexible in terms of absorbing settlements and deformations, asphalt is the ideal solution for sealing all kinds of reservoirs. The bottom and embankments of small ponds, snow storage basins, right through to large pump reservoirs – all of which often have flowing geometries – can be mechanically lined with asphalt reliably and quickly by WALO. Stresses caused by large temperature and load changes are absorbed and relieved by the asphalt liner. Waterproof connections to the inlet structures etc. are realised by special joint constructions with expansion elements.

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