Hydraulic structures

In their element on water.

Services Hydraulic structures

In their element on water.

WALO – specialists in hydraulic engineering. Experienced hydraulic engineers, divers, skippers and boatmen form the bedrock of our outstanding services at, in and under water.

Our specialists were raised near the water and have developed a fascination for hydraulic engineering. As a team, they are constantly achieving extraordinary feats – both for our clients and partners as well as for the people who use the building structures. Our hydraulic engineering activities include dredging, shore rehabilitation, deep-water pipes, underwater work, the inspection of building structures, pile driving, riprap work and port facilities. WALO doesn’t only have the skilled staff required for the job, but also the necessary floating equipment. WALO’s fleet comprises push-boats and tugboats, various pontoons, barges, a hopper barge and workboats. Our stock of floating equipment is designed to ensure that the vast majority of units can be transported by land. This allows the specialists at WALO to deploy hydraulic engineering objects in almost any body of water. Our divers, kitted out with top-quality equipment, are at hand to oversee and assist with the processes on site. Our established clients include hydraulic power station operators, who regularly call on the specialist services of our experienced professional divers. Even in icy-cold temperatures and in waters where visibility is poor, our underwater experts are guaranteed to do a good job. WALO’s interdisciplinary and supra-regional cooperation make the company a reliable and effective partner for hydraulic engineering projects.

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