Plasterer EFZ

Plasterer EFZ

Be it a narrow old-town street, a public square, a park footpath or a building interior – whatever it is that needs renovating, the work of a plasterer ensures that our villages, towns and cities retain their variety and diversity. Plastering accentuates and enriches the impact of a public square or a structure.



  • Completed compulsory education
  • Skilled craftsmanship
  • Enjoyment in working outdoors
  • Strong constitution
  • Ability to work in a team / independent
  • Stamina


  • Duration of apprenticeship: three years
  • School: Theoretical lessons at the vocational college for traffic infrastructure engineers. Specialised training begins in the third year of the apprenticeship. Inter-cantonal introductory courses supplement the practical activities and vocational college lessons.
  • Federal Vocational Baccalaureate: if a very good level of academic performance is achieved, it is also possible to complete the upper-secondary commercial school.


Further training
  • Plasterer Federal VET Diploma with qualification in a further specialist area of the “traffic infrastructure construction” professional field
  • Foreman (practical and foreman college)
  • Construction foreman (examination for the Federal Diploma of Higher Education)
  • Qualified foreman (technician PET College)
  • Qualified master builder or qualified construction manager (examinations for the Advanced Federal Diploma of Higher Education)
  • Qualified civil engineer BSc FH



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