About us History

Excellence in innovation and tradition.

About us History

Excellence in innovation and tradition.

About us

The WALO-Group is a traditional family business now in its fourth generation. Walo Bertschinger laid the foundations in 1917 with his Zurich-based railway and roadworks firm. One of the company’s first big contracts was to build tram tracks along Zurich’s prestigious Bahnhofstrasse. The second generation took the reins at the end of the 1930s and expanded into underground engineering and tunnel construction. Subsidiaries were added all throughout Switzerland.

In the 1960s the company began operating in Europe under the leadership of the third generation of the Bertschinger family. Today the WALO-Group is active in many countries.
Since day one, the company has focused primarily on surface constructions. WALO has continually grown its range of services, thanks to ongoing product development designed to accommodate new requirements and applications. The company’s surface construction services now include all kinds of asphalt and concrete paving for road construction, asphalt sealing for dams and landfill sites, industrial flooring and decorative surfaces, as well as floor systems for indoor and outdoor sporting facilities. Over the last few decades the Group has continued to expand its areas of expertise to include building construction, specialized underground construction, concrete rehabilitation, melted asphalt, sealing for buildings, as well as soundproofing and hydraulic engineering. Since the 1990s, the WALO-Group has also operated as a full service general contractor for infrastructure projects.
This combination of experience and innovation has made the company a modern, reliable family business that is well equipped for the challenges of tomorrow.

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