About us

Tradition is good. So is innovation.

About us

Tradition is good.
So is innovation.

About us

A traditional family company managed by the fourth generation – that is WALO. For more than 100 years, WALO has been committed to combining consistency and innovation.


We are lucky and privileged to be a Swiss company that primarily conducts its business in Switzerland. The stability, security and prosperity of our country have guaranteed unique framework conditions for a number of decades. On the other hand, levels of competition are just as intensive in Switzerland as they are abroad. In this environment, we have always been and remain acutely aware of what we are capable of and what we stand for. This is also the reason why we, the WALO family, are looking to the future with pragmatic optimism and working to ensure that our company’s economic existence can and will be secure in the long term. The key requirements here are as follows: customer loyalty, experience, solidarity, stability, tradition, innovation, courage, a willingness to take risks and luck.

Customer loyalty

Ensuring good buildings and thus satisfied customers are our primary concerns. This necessitates precise construction in every respect. We can provide precisely this thanks to our quality, expertise, reliability and highly-motivated employees.



The transfer of know-how across generations, a feel for the environment, a sense for technological advancements and entrepreneurial achievements have served to sharpen WALO’s focus when it comes to future developments in the construction industry both in Switzerland and abroad.



Our approximately 2,400 employees and those who worked at the company before them have helped to shape the WALO story – often also originating from the same family across different generations. They think and act in accordance with the following principle: “Build the future instead of waiting for it, keeping both feet on the ground and reaching for the stars”.


Stability and tradition

Nowadays, many may view a company that will soon be managed by the fifth generation of the same family as being an outdated business model. We couldn’t disagree more. Whether as an employer or as a contractor – WALO has endeavoured for generations to be straightforward, consistent and predictable and will continue to do so.


Innovation, courage and a willingness to takes risks

The world’s markets and construction markets are in a permanent state of flux and are sometimes also exposed to crises. In this sector, opportunities and risks are closely linked. In order to prevail in a world of intensive competition and technological change, it is necessary to combine experience and innovation and thus constantly establish advantages in terms of expertise and a competitive edge. In this environment, WALO will always enjoy success, as we tackle these challenges in a direct, dynamic and flexible manner.


Walo Bertschinger


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